Tina Sparkle

Marsha "Tina" Satterfield: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Atomic Satterfield: Drums, Backing Vocals
Chris Anderson : Bass, Backing Vocals

Previous Members:
Davin Field:
Guitar, Vocals
Dave Moe:
Bass, Organ
Ben Woodhouse:
Clint K: Bass

Base of operations: Peoria, IL

MP3s at www.myspace.com/tinafuckinsparkle
Website at www.tinasparklerocks.com

Marsha Satterfield joined her older brother’s rock band at age fourteen. Fifteen years later, the brother/sister combination is still rocking hard. They served time in Victory Records’ The Forecast, No Idea Records’ Scouts Honor, and The Amazing Kill-o-watts among other musical groups. Their current musical focus is the hard-rocking Tina Sparkle, which features Marsha on lead guitar and vocals and Atomic on drums and backing vocals. They are joined by seasoned musician Chris Anderson on bass and backing vocals.

Welcome To The No Fun House is the loud-rocking follow-up to 2007’s album All Around Champion Screw Up. Tina Sparkle raises the bar with 14 amazing new songs that rock harder and illustrate to listeners that there is much more to look forward to from this great Midwestern act.

Tina Sparkle have been touring the states for the last several years in support of All Around Champion Screw-Up and their 2008 7” release of Ladybugs And Firecrackers. They have shared the stage with national acts such as The Reputation, The Forecast, Only Children, Scouts Honor, Little Brazil, Living Blue, Red Meat, Tight Phantomz, Landing On The Moon, Red Meat, Ellaina Mendel, Pash, Lewis and Clarke, and 1090 Club.

Similar artists: The Pretenders, PJ Harvey, Rainer Maria, Superchunk, Superdrag, Mazzy Star, The Stooges, Hum

V/A "Ten Years Of Thinker Thought" Thinker Thought Records 2011
"Welcome To The No Fun House" Thinker Thought Records 2011
"Ladybugs And Firecrackers" Thinker Thought Records 2008
V/A "Playing In Peoria: Another Side Of Town" Live Music Peoria 2008
"All Around Champion Screw Up" Thinker Thought Records 2007

Tina Sparkle by Alycia Rockey
Tina Sparkle - Download printable press photo 3 (3888 x 2592 jpeg) - by Alycia Rockey

Tina Sparkle by Alycia Rockey
Tina Sparkle - Download printable press photo 4 (3757 x 2423 jpeg) - by Alycia Rockey

Tina Sparkle 2008
Tina Sparkle - Download printable press photo 1 (1600 x 1812 jpeg) - by Carrie Straton

Tina Sparkle 2008
Tina Sparkle - Download printable press photo 2 (1600 x 1812 jpeg) - by Carrie Straton

THI 021 - Tina Sparkle "Welcome To The No Fun House"

THI 021 - Tina Sparkle "Welcome To The No Fun House" 14-song CD

RELEASE DATE: February 8, 2011
PDF Press Kit
Download printable cover art (1500 x 1500 jpeg)

Track Listing:
1. Reprise (through my un-kissed blue eyes)
2. The Long Goodbye
3. You And Your Mess
4. Gash N' Go
5. This House Is In Flames, So Let's Keep Warm
6. Decatur
7. Another Rainy Morning In Moscow, ID
8. Pinky Swears And Cigarette Songs
9. Lovers And Friends
10. Get Some Sleep!
11. Dear Jan,
12. W.I.M.P.
13. Protecting What Matters
14. Wake Like A Rose


"Back-to-basics in the best possible way

"Tina Sparkle the singer doesn’t exist, but Tina Sparkle the band does. (Sort of like Jethro Tull, but without the codpieces.) An Illinois garage/punk trio built around brother-sister duo Marsha Satterfield (guitar, vocals, anguish) and Atomic Satterfield (drums, vocals, funny name, more anguish), the band specializes in stripped down, noisy alterna-rock. Satterfield’s voice is reminiscent of PJ Harvey or Patti Smith, and the songs’ unvarnished structures rarely move beyond the basics: (1) play loud and fast, (2) play loud and slow and (3) play loud and fast again.

"This isn’t to say the songs are boring. Far from it—Satterfield gets a lot of mileage out of her unpolished wail and provocative lyrics: 'I sit and listen to my grandma talk / Please God don’t let me live that long.' It’s hard to see how things would improve with the addition of, say, a string section or saxophone solo, although the keyboards are a nice touch on 'Another Rainy Morning in Moscow, ID'.

"With some bands the back-to-basics approach is dull, but when it works it can serve to remind us of what used to be so exciting about the whole rock ‘n’ roll experiment. This is one of those times. The guitar sounds like it’s been turned on and left at the same setting for all 14 songs, and effects are minimal. Your mom would hate this;American Idolwould hate it. What other endorsement do you need? 7/10" - David Maine of Pop Matters

"'No Fun' is such a deceptive descriptor: Both the title of a much-covered Stooges stomper and the name of Carlos Giffoni's notorious New York noisefest/record label, the phrase usually indicates the presence of some very real fun - albeit of the dark mangled sort. There's no real Tina behind the name of Peoria, Illinois, threesome Tina Sparkle - unless you count lead vocalist and guitarist Marsha Satterfield. Likewise, the Sparkle is buried in the band's droney rock'n'roll, which is indebted to college-rock and postpunk units like Soul Asylum and Antietam.

"Midwestern-style black humor seems to ooze from Tina Sparkle's second full-length, which follows up 2007's All Around Champion Screw-Up. Yet Satterfield, drummer (and older brother) Atomic Satterfield, and bassist Chris Anderson are dead serious - and sincere - about their music, judging from such tracks as "This House Is In Flames, So Let's Keep Warm," which references the aforementioned No Fun House, a home of little mirth and apparently only fit for kindling.... The band fares best when they rock like their lives depend on it ("Decatur")....

"Neither very heavy nor properly poppy, Welcome To The No Fun House tackles that neglected middle zone where album-oriented rock skews slightly more Sabbath than Stonesy...." - Bitch Magazine #50

"Female fronted alt-rock: Tina Sparkle is a trio from Peoria, Illinois that crafts era spanning post-punk and alternative rock in the vein of PJ Harvey as channeled through Chrissie Hynde. Front and center is Marsha Satterfield, who is backed by her brother Atomic Satterfield on drums and Chris Anderson on bass, each providing some rather awkward but defining backing vocals. With an arsenal of powerful rockers and devastating slower paced tracks, Tina Sparkle establishes themselves as a band that is embracing a post-punk feel through the pulse of an indie rock act that is comfortable crafting powerful, story based rock 'n' roll. Marsha Satterfield is clearly the captain of the ship, belting out soulful tales of heartache, relationship mistakes, and emotional despair. The feel isn't sad or despondent. Instead, each track is built of a good rock foundation, holding tightly to a shredding guitar lead, groove-laden basslines, and simplistic rhythm sections. It's a formula that works to great effect, sounding like a mature development from a band that is only on their second album. Tina Sparkle may get mired in the yearly cavalcade of college aged garage rock, but that would be a serious mistake. Satterfield and company easily prove that they can rise above it all on this great release. 8/10" - Josheph Graham of Outburn Magazine #57

"Tina Sparkle plays the garage rock style that you so desperately need in your life. Their new album, Welcome To The No Fun House, seems to work nicely because not only does it have that cool lo-fi garage sound that is close to heavenly, but it sounds authentic as well. Remember when The Strokes hit it big, and suddenly it was the hip thing to do under-produce albums so they sound like they were recorded with a broken amp and an 8-track player? Well these guys are the real deal. Pure garage rock, ala The Stooges, The Ramones, and hell...even Sex Bob-Omb. Get this album and have this cool yet little known DIY rockers on your radar. I couldn't find a video playing songs off this album, but here's a good one from another one. Notice the venue? That's REAL garage rock!" - The Psychic Cocoon

"The second effort from the ironicallynamed Peoria-based trio Tina Sparkle is atonic for anyone who frets about indie rocksounding too precious these days. Leadsinger/guitarist Marsha Satterfield channelsher emotions through raw vocals andenergetic guitar playing, similar to thestyle of Screaming Females. A lyrics disclaimeron the CD explains, 'These songswere written in a certain time and place.That was then and this is now . . .'Satterfield rages against her grandmother'sterminal illness on 'This House IsIn Flames, So Let's Keep Warm' and'Protecting What Matters,' while thesomber ballad 'Another Rainy Morning InMoscow, ID' depicts an alcoholic's cry forhelp. By contrast, 'W.I.M.P.' is an eroticfantasy, and the equally hard-hitting 'Gashn' Go' seems to be about seducing a rockstar. Throughout Welcome To The No FunHouse, drummer (and sibling) AtomicSatterfield and bassist Chris Anderson providecompetent instrumental support aswell as some enthusiastic backup vocals. 7/10" -Terrence Flamm of Illinois Entertainer, February 2011

"Sometimes, and not all that often, you hear music that you can't quite pinpoint to a specific place in time. These days, music that is thought of as "forward-thinking" sounds just like music from [insert preferred year here] and, despite this rehashing of melodies, people clap and consider it new. While I'm aware that this might not sound like a great intro to an album, I assure you that it's quite the contrary.

"Tina Sparkle hail from Peoria, IL, and, at first listen, sound like a Midwestern answer to Best Coast's cheerful demeanor — slightly moody, with a little less sunshine and more sex talk. Marsha Satterfield's (vocals, guitar) voice is strong and honest with the ability to sail above the drums and bass lines from her brother Atomic Satterfield and friend Chris Anderson, respectively. The femme Satterfield writes all lyrical content on Welcome to the No Fun House, the trio's second full-length. It becomes apparent in lines such as: "I bite my lips when you're not around / Because you're not there to kiss them," that we're being taken on a journey through Satterfield's past, and it's a continuing trend throughout the album.

"What sounds like a coming-of-age LP seems more like reminiscing of days gone by (however horrible those days were) — especially when reading the disclaimer: "These songs were written in a certain time and place. That was then, this is now ..." From tumultuous times in love to familial hardships, Tina Sparkle place it all underneath their indie-power-pop/sometimes-country microscope, giving sadness a backseat to the thoughtful and personal lyrical content.

" Beginning the album with "The Long Goodbye" and bridging into "You and Your Mess," Satterfield goes on an angst-riddled tirade of sorts, with a mellow slant. It's tracks like these that really make the album what it is. Even the album art hints at the past with various family photos (or photos of exes, perhaps?), and it is this tone that the listener expects to hear throughout.

"However, amongst these dreary, you're-just-like-me, diary-esque tunes, we come across a few seriously rockin' tracks, complete with shouting vocals and guitar solos — such as "Gash N Go" and "Decatur." While one may see this as taking you out of the mood of the album as a whole, one could also see it as a perfect layering of tracks in order to not completely send you into the depths of your pre-teen romantic disasters. I mean, when the next song ("Another Rainy Morning in Moscow") contains lyrics such as "Being mad is easier than being in love," set to a low, slow and melancholy melody, you have to have some sort of life buoy thrown in your direction.

"The juxtaposition of songs with intense sexual relationships next to those involving grandma ("I sit and listen to my Grandma / please God, don't let me live that long") is a bit unsettling, yet, it adds to the memoir-like style of the album. It's clear that Satterfield is taking every awkward and troubled feeling she's had and piling them together, which is as endearing as it is relatable. Sure, the album sounds like a '60s ode to yesteryear, but Tina Sparkle are welcome at our no fun house any day." - Treasure Groh of Real Detroit Weekly

"Welcome To The No Fun House is a musical memoir. It tells the story of a broken-hearted Midwestern girl who tries so damn hard to move on from her past relationships, but needs a good smoke and a drink first. And maybe a good scream. Tina Sparkle is a Peoria, IL indie power-pop band fronted by singer and guitarist Marsha Satterfield, a fiery Irish girl with a powerful voice who is just as likely to sing about her dear grandmother as her desire to drink and fuck the night away. Welcome... is a fist-pumper, like any good power-pop record.... There is a certain charm about Tina Sparkle's rough, rushed sound, as if they're trying to capture the passion and anger before it escapes with the reverb and pounding drums. On one of the standout tracks, 'Another Rainy Morning In Moscow, ID,' Satterfield summarizes the album's themes when she croons that 'being mad is easier than being in love.' In the Midwest, there is perhaps no greater truth. 3/5" - Dane Coleman of Ghettoblaster Magazine

‎"The standout track is early PJ Harvey-esque 'Pinky Swears and Cigarette Songs' with chunky, fuzzy, bass tom-heavy drums and strong, simple guitar with vitally intense vocals, all simply recorded." - Kathy Davis of Innocent Words

THI 017 - Tina Sparkle "Ladybugs And Firecrackers"

THI 017 - Tina Sparkle "Ladybugs And Firecrackers" 3-song 7" vinyl

RELEASE DATE: October 28, 2008
PDF Press Kit
BUY IT NOW: Interpunk (Orange/Purple) & iTunes
Download printable cover art (1500 x 1500 jpeg)
Track Listing:
1. Oh Redheads...
2. Not A Day Goes By
3. ...We'll See!


Coming Soon!

THI 014 - Tina Sparkle "All Around Champion Screw Up"

THI 014 - Tina Sparkle "All Around Champion Screw Up " 12-song CD

RELEASE DATE: September 25, 2007
PDF Press Kit
BUY IT NOW: Interpunk & iTunes
Download printable cover art (1415 x 1415 jpeg) - by Brad Henz

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Track Listing:
1. Starting the Year
2. How the West was Won
3. Noun Verb Noun
4. Champion Screw-Up
5. Kiss and Tell (KAT)
6. Suck the Panic
7. I’ll Bruise You
8. Pink vs Orange
9. Killer Instinct
10. Radio Heartbeat (She Took Your)
11. Longing for the Electricity of Your Touch
12. Through Your Unkissed Hazel Eyes


"What an unfortunate band name. The brother and sister duo of Marsha and Atomic Satterfield have the musical background to make their new project, Tina Sparkle, worth taking a chance on. Serving time in The Forecast (Victory Records), Scouts Honor (No Idea Records), and The Amazing Kill-o-watts, their new project sounds like a less Jawbreaker influenced version of Lemuria.

"All Around Champion Screw-Up is a very revealing and personal record that at first feels like one of those coffee-shop-girl-with-a guitar-sings-her-heart-out types of albums that get looked over all the time, but later reveals itself to be something a little more. Because of that immediate assumption, the power of this record really sneaks up on you. Marsha Satterfield has put together twelve very emotional songs and invited the listener into her own life without coming off as corny or whiny or anything less than honest. Highlights on this record include 'Starting the Year,' 'How the West Was Won,' and the uncharacteristically aggressive 'Suck the Panic.'

"While this record isn't particularly my kind of thing, I still really enjoyed it. Here we have one of those releases that crosses so many genre boundaries while staying firmly planted where it's comfortable. All Around Champion Screw-Up is an enjoyable album, but not so right off the bat. It lures you in with its charms and then forces you to discover the true genius of the Satterfield siblings on your own. For that aspect alone, this album is a very rewarding experience. - 3 out of 5" - Max Gambill/Punkbands.com

"Led by Marsha Satterfield, this Peoria, Ill., quartet comes in more on the alternative/indie side of the rock spectrum, frequently compared to PJ Harvey and The Pretenders. Satterfield's lyrics openly address her lesbian lovers, ex-lovers and crushes, while the band's music aptly expresses the angst and regret detailed in her songs about broken hearts, bad timing and missed opportunities. The scorching distortion-fest, "Suck the Panic," and the bluesy, harmonic-blasting "Kiss and Tell" are harder rocking standouts, while the more melodic opener "Starting the Year" and string-filled ballad "Noun Verb Noun" are more radio-friendly picks. Solid from beginning to end. Go Peoria." - Margaret Coble of Curve Magazine

"Tina Sparkle play a fast moving female fronted indie pop rock style that is pretty laid back. They have spacey moments that they mix in with more aggressive parts, all with a seemless transistion. The guitar riffs are thoughtful and the drums are light and airy, giving the music a very relaxed feel.

"When they want to be intense, they do a very good job of it. The bar brawl style country themed 'Kiss and Tell' has a high energy level and a great rocking ability to it. Its a pick me up and a nice surprise on this mostly mellow album. They also try their hand at hard rock in 'Suck the Panic,' a song that is alright, but not as good as the other songs on the album.

"It took me awhile to get into this album, but overall, its pretty solid. There are some songs on All Around Champion Screw Up that I really love and will listen to for a long time to come."- Bobby Forand of The Playlist